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Do you remember Mr. Potter. that is what it was like dealing with homecomings. They took our home in 2007 after we were on a payment plan with them. During the initiation of the payment plan they did not disclose a bubble payment at the end which was astronomical. When we called and asked what we could do they told us to "get out" and make things easier on ourselves. They then turned around and sold our home for 30,000 dollars. We had paid 150,000 for it in 2000 and had only refied into variable rate at the insistence of a debt collector who had a friend and so on that could roll some of our unsecured debt into a secured loan. Worst mistake we ever made. That is how the nightmare with homecomings started. They were shady unprofessional, underhanded and rotten. During the time that we were on a payment plan because the variable rate we had entered into had gone so high. They considered us in default status and sent a man to our home ever month that dropped off slips of paper with a variation of the homecomings name on it. They denied association but he was their henchman. He wanted us to foreclose. He encouraged. it. I still have these slips of paper. In fact I have boxes of paperwork from this crooked deceitful company.

I don't want any financial compensation in fact the house that you took from us four years ago which was a historical property is falling apart now. We are just fine and very happy in our new home but

please anyone be forewarned this company is fraudlent and in the business of forclosing. It benefits them financially. I feel the pain of all the other home owners who have dealt with them. They need to be shut down. GMAC you are covering up the most crooked downright mean and scandelous operation. You are the modern day "Potter" BEWARE......Homecomings you are a theif.......

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